Don’t take our word for it – take theirs!

We were already avid fans of Softub Spas®, and were upgrading to another; however, Marsha and Ken provided the icing on the cake with outstanding service, attention to detail, and follow-up. You can feel confident with them!

Celine & Ron Quinn

Satisifed Softub Spas Customers

Celine and Ron Quinn Softub Testimonial

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Softub Spas! We have owned other types of hot tubs in the past, from heavy hard-sided, to inflatable portables, but our Softub has, by far, been the best — even in Indiana winters! The sales reps, Marsha and Ken Groh were extremely helpful in answering all our questions and they also delivered and set-up for us! (And all were so friendly!)

As senior citizens, arthritis and achy joints are an issue. Our Softub has just the right pressure to work on those aches! We highly recommend Softub Spas!

Richard & Connie Miller

Satisifed Softub Spas Customers

Richard and Connie Miller Softub Testimonial

I purchased a Legend 220 Softub at the start of the pandemic in 2020 from Marsha Groh of Fort Wayne, IN. I absolutely love it! I had owned a traditional-style hot tub for 25 years and it was so much trouble to maintain, and hard to get in and out of. My new Softub is easy to get in and out of, and easy to maintain. I had to move it once to have my deck stained, which was very easy. I am a petite “senior” woman, and I did it myself!

I use my Softub almost every night. It has helped relieve my muscle aches and helped me maintain my flexibility. It is so easy to get in and out of, and I feel much safer than climbing into a traditional hot tub. Marsha and her husband Ken delivered my hot tub and set it up for the first time, which was wonderful. I highly recommend the Softub. The service provided by Marsha and Ken has been outstanding.

Cheree Clark

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Cheree Clark Softub Testimonial

We have owned our Softub for nearly a year now. Hands down one of the best decisions we have made. The care and upkeep are easy, and the chemicals are easy to follow to maintain water quality.

We were able to place it right outside our back door so it’s easy to get in, even in the cold of winter. Watching it snow while in the tub is awesome. 

Ken and Marsha sold us our tub and came out for the install. They explained everything and were very nice. Marsha was sure to answer all questions. They also have been available for any questions after the install.

Our family would recommend a Softub to anyone. 

The Metroff Family

Satisifed Softub Spas Customers

Metroff Family Softub Testimonial

I bought my Softub in March of 2020 from Marsha and Ken Groh, to help ease my joint pain after long days on my feet. It has been everything I needed. The tub is easy to care for and move where I want it in my yard, looks great, and offers the relaxation I was seeking. Plus, operating it has not raised my electric bill. I love it!

Karen Roalofs

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Karen Roalofs Softub Testimonial

Ken and Marsha, thank you for making my Softub buying experience so EASY! You truly went way above and beyond what any other would do to make sure we were happy customers, and boy are we ever! From playful summer days to relaxing winter nights, the Softub has been one of the best purchases our family has ever made. From my very first point of contact with you to even a year later when I might have a question, you are always ready to serve!  It is gratifying to support local business and yours is truly EXCEPTIONAL in every way!


Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Tiffany Softub Testimonial

One of the highlights of 2020 has been learning about a different kind of hot tub…Softub. I was trying to find a way to enjoy my quarantined time at home, and a friend introduced me to their Softub. I fell in love with the differences it offered from my traditional hard surface, acrylic hot tub. Since everyone was trying to order this product, there was a bit of a waiting period, but working with Marsha and Ken Groh from Indiana made the waiting time more tolerable.

Marsha gave me the update calls on the status of my delivery and helpful information on the availability of an interest-free payment offer. They were also very helpful in providing photos of different options for the Surround product that I wanted. After my Softub arrived, they drove from their Indiana home to deliver the Surround that I had selected and set it up for me. I would highly recommend including a Surround for your Softub! Not only does it offer a platform for drinks and towels and other items while you are in your Softub, but it gives your Spa a very finished look.

Marsha and Ken have been available to answer every question that I have had, both before and after the order. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a dependable distributor for a Softub spa.


Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Rebecca Softub Testimonial
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