Top Ten Reasons to Possess a Softub at Home

Owning a hot tub doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You are reading this because you have considered a hot tub purchase at some point in time. What is one reason that it’s holding you back? If you need some reassurance, here are ten unique features or benefits about our tubs. Check it out!

They are portable. With a lightweight layered foam, Softubs are manufactured with a high insulation value. These tubs move easily through standard doorways, up and down stairs, and can sit on any flat surface indoors or out.  Moving to a new home? The tubs can move with you, unlike a traditional hot tub. One person can roll a tub through a standard doorway, since they weigh roughly 50 to 70 pounds.

They are hygienic. The water in our tub stays clean and clear with minimal maintenance.  Water maintenance treatments take five minutes a week.  Softubs are also cost effective allowing y easy maintenance with less expense to procure products.

They are quiet. Softubs have the quietest motor in the hot tub industry. They also provide unique technology and insulating qualities.  Relaxing with the peace and quiet in mind has never felt so great!

They are durable.

As pictured below, Softub can withstand the weight, movement, and pressure of an elephant. Neither tub nor elephant suffered damage during this test!


They are comfortable. In our 140 and 220 models, the soft foam shell, soft floor, and lower side wall height don’t require built-in seating . The spacious interior allows you to move and relax comfortably anywhere in the tub.  We do offer an optional seat for you, if you feel you need this and our Model 300 comes standard with a seat and the option to sit on the floor.  You weigh less in water, so the water takes all the weight off your back and you can lay back on soft foam and relax to your heart’s content.

They are weather resistant. The tubs LeatherTex exterior, is a marine-grade vinyl suitable for extreme weather conditions of all seasons. Leathertex has mold, mildew, UV and salt spray inhibitors built-in the material, allowing the tub to last for years without fading, cracking, or peeling.

They are energy efficient. Softub’s HydroMate controls the thermostat, the heater, and pump in one unit.  The tub runs off one 120v outlet, making cords and wires hassle free. Softub also has the SmartChip feature included in all models.  This feature recognizes low power situations. In the event of a low voltage issue, power outage, or blackout, the Softub shuts down automatically.  The tub resets to default settings once power is restored.  The feature also prevents the Softub from overheating.   These exceptional features make Softub the most energy efficient hot tub on the market.

They are stylish.
Not only is the compact design simple, but there are also plenty of colors to choose from to suit your design needs. There are seven exterior colors and three interior colors, making the possibilities nearly endless.

Maintenance is simple. Most hot tubs require quite a few chemicals. In order to ensure all water levels are balanced, frequent upkeep is needed. Cleaning is also required for the jets, interior, and cover, which can be time consuming. Softub’s water treatment kit is reasonably priced and uses very little product for initial startup, as well as routine upkeep. Initial startup only requires use of a small amount of Soft-Chlor.  Also, to achieve proper maintenance, keeping track of pH and chlorine levels helps the hot tub experience remain pleasurable. Cleaning of the interior and exterior is as simple as using soap and warm water, and the time to clean only takes a few minutes.

Solar Power Utilization is Optional

Softub owners see an increase of five to ten dollars a month on their energy bill. Other hot tub owners see an increase up to $50 per month. Solar heating has become a popular alternative to heating a pool or spa, today. By investing in a couple of solar panels at home, you could save yourself more money from all the energy costs, but Softub has softened the blow if Solar is not in your budget.

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Dan Chiras is an educator and author on residential renewable energy and green building. His works include Power from the Sun and Power from the Wind. He has also studied and worked with renewable energy and energy efficiency for over 30 years. Dan is the director of and lead instructor at The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building, where he teaches workshops on energy efficiency, solar electricity, solar hot water, small wind energy, green building, natural plasters, and natural building.  You can find more information about solar utilization HERE and HERE.