Ten Tips for Landscaping Your Hot Tub Oasis

Spring is just around the corner!! Are you ready for warm weather where you are? If you are looking to buy (or have already purchased) a Softub, plan ahead by checking out these ten tips for decorating and landscaping around your hot tub oasis. It’s never too early to obtain ideas for your ideal Softub space!

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1. Choose a Theme Do you feel like you are the country garden type? Decorate with bright perineal flowers.  Do you have jungle fever? Go tropical with tall plants and potted orchids.  If you are just the plain and simple type, opt for stone surroundings with lilies or low maintenance shrubs.  Maybe you want more water.  A pond or fountain could add charm and additional soothing water sounds while you are sitting in your tub or enjoying your patio.  The possibilities are endless!

2. Privacy A lot of people want additional privacy or some screening from the neighbors or for a wind break.  Surround two or three sides of your tub with lattice fencing, evergreen shrubs, or tall hedges to provide a privacy zone. These resources also block wind and noise to enhance a quiet, private atmosphere in your own backyard.

3. Make it Tech Free Maybe not a part of the landscaping topic, but a very important note. We live in a world filled with technology. Disconnect when you enter your hot tub zone, with the exception of some soft music from your home radio or even a waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker that is available now. Your hot tub area should promote a calm, relaxing environment.

4. Shade your Tubspasideumbrella_1_ On hot, sunny days, shade your tub with a gazebo, awning, tub umbrella, or canopy. These not only protect you from the sun, but can also protect the tub lining from becoming too hot. It’s not fun to be burned by the sun or your own hot tub components.

5. Add Some Fragrance Use light, and even fragrant plants around your tub to create a rejuvenating environment. Some common plants include lavender, lilac, honeysuckle, rose, and wisteria. These plants enrich a calm relaxing tone to your hot tub zone.  Fragrances are also available as spa accessories that can be added to your tub water and not upset the balance of the water.

6. Accessorize If bright lighting by the hot tub isn’t your forte, surround your space with candles, low-powered accent lights, or citronella torches. Keep a hot tub tray handy for your snacks and drinks.  Provide a towel rack or storage tub for your robes, towels, and shoes to keep your area free of clutter.

7. Use Potted PlantsPotted Plant Seasons change, and so can your plants. As mentioned above, many flowers and plants create a fresh aroma and an extra pop of color for your relaxing hot tub area. Aim for blooming plants with pastel colors in the spring, and bold, bright colors for the fall.

8. Add Hanging Baskets Flowers and plants don’t always have to be close to the ground. Hang a couple of potted plants above your hot tub to create more aroma while relaxing in your tub. Just be careful, and don’t hang them too close to your tub, unless you feel like cleaning out the flower petals or dead leaves on a regular basis.

9. Avoid These Plants We suggest saying no to having plants with thorns, plants and trees with fruits (unless you like to relax with lots of bugs), and those plants that require high maintenance. Some examples of plants to avoid are pyracantha, cherry and apple trees, barberry and sharp evergreens like holly.

10. Think Safety

To prevent injury, equip your tub with accessories like handrails, steps, rubber-backed floor mats, and non-skid mats. Keep the area well-lit if you enjoy using your tub in the evenings. During the winter months, keep a shovel and salt handy. Keep a clear path, from the tub to the door and free of ice and snow.

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I hope you have enjoyed these tips for your future hot tub purchase. At first thought, purchasing a hot tub could get pricey once you consider the cost, placement preparation, electrical installation, chemical purchases, and maintenance.  There is one style of a hot tub that is easy to install, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly, too. Softub has a lower purchase cost, the least amount of maintenance in the industry and is truly the most portable and comfortable tub on the market…it just can’t be beat.