Six Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Softub

Hot tubs are an excellent way to relax, entertain, and improve health and well-being.  Has the thought of purchasing one for yourself… lingered for weeks, months, or years, possibly?  Why wait any longer?  Here are six reasons to consider purchasing a Softub.
1. They are efficient.
Many people don’t own hot tubs because they use a great amount of electricity to function.  Softubs run off one 110v outlet.  Those that have purchased a Softub, notice an increase of five to ten dollars monthly on their electric bill, unlike the owners of a hard tub, who notice a higher costs equal to $30 to $100 dollars or more monthly in cold temperatures. Softubs are unique because they don’t use heaters to heat water. These tubs have a heat recovery system, using heat from the motor pump to heat the water.
All hot tubs require chemical balancing that can also be costly, but Softub uses milder water treatments and they are cost effective compared to hard tub supplies.  Softub includes a water treatment kit, and gives an option to use an ozone injection system to help reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the tub if so desired.
2. No electrical or plumbing required for assembly.
Softubs don’t require electricians or plumbers to assist with installation, like other hot tubs.  These tubs aren’t equipped with excess wiring or pipes for operation.  They have the HydroMate system, which include the controls, the thermostat, the heater, and pump in one unit.  The tub runs off one outlet, making cords and wires hassle free.
Softub also has the SmartChip feature included in all models.  This feature recognizes low power situations. In the event of a low voltage issue, power outage, or blackout, the Softub shuts down.  When power is restored, the Softub will turn everything back to default settings automatically.  This feature also prevents the Softub from overheating.
3. The warranty and package deal
Softub packages include the tub, the HydroMate, the thermal insulated lid, water treatment kit, and a five year warranty.  Everything you need to operate the tub. The warranty ensures the Softub spa to be free of defects in materials for up to five years after date of purchase and maintains one of the best warranties in the market.
Other tubs require you to purchase accessories, including the tub lids, chemicals, and other needs separate from the hot tub itself.  The warranty on the hard tubs vary, but typically is not as inclusive as the Softub warranty program.
4. Portability and Durability
Softubs range from 50 to 75 pounds, depending on size.  This allows moving and maneuvering to be accomplished with ease and typically by one person.  They fit through any standard doorway, and can easily be placed on any flat surface, both indoors and out.  The tubs are made with a unique marine-grade exterior vinyl that hold up tremendously through any extreme weather scenario.  The (3) Tub Models occupy from two to six people at a time, with room to spare. As many have seen before, they are so durable, that an elephant stands on our tubs in our marketing videos (also, on the photo above)!
5. Hydrotherapy Benefits
Everyone can use a hot tub to relieve stress, muscle aches, and injuries.  Did you know they also help with long-term ailments?  People with diabetes, fibromyalgia, back, hip and knee problems as well as arthritis all benefit from soaking in a hot tub.  The Softub design is perfect for those needing hydrotherapy with easy entry, soft construction and low risk of injury if falling. The 1.5 horsepower pump provides powerful jet action, while the soft, hot tub’s spacious interior allows freedom of movement for specific positioning needs or exercising while soaking.
6. Desire
Softubs can be used for multiple situations.  Many people love to entertain with family gatherings or events at home.  Others prefer to use it to relax or use it for medical reasons all by themselves.  A few enjoy meditating in them for a few minutes each day, but for stress relief, pain relief or just pure enjoyment…Whatever the reason may be, Softub has many benefits for everyone, and for every lifestyle.