Seven Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Hot Tub During the Winter

Summer has come to an end, and most of us are planning for the crazy, fun holiday season.  On that list, most plan to winterize their hot tubs, too.  Did you know that you can receive the same benefits of using a hot tub during the winter, like you would during the summer?  Here are some ways to have fun with your hot tub, and maintain your health with it during the winter.
  1. Keep it covered.
Keep your hot tub covered using the insulated cover to reduce energy requirements that are essential during the winter.  Use protectant spray on vinyl cover to prevent winter weather precipitation and temperatures from ruining it. 13293030555_7f420cef8e_n
  1. Watch the water level.
Check the water level in your hot tub frequently.  For example, if you don’t use it daily, check every two to three days to ensure water level doesn’t get too low. The pump and heater could malfunction if water levels are too low. This will also cause the water to freeze.
  1. Maintain water temperatures.
The colder the weather, the longer the water takes to warm up.  Another reason to check water levels and temperatures daily, or every couple of days.  It’s less expensive and more efficient to maintain water temperatures.
  1. Turn off jets.
Air jets consume more energy during the winter months. Energy usage occurs when cold air is injected into the water. Be sure to turn air jets off when hot tub time is complete.
  1. Clear a path, and keep hot tub area clean.
Path to hot tub should be free from snow, ice, and debris.  Snow should be brushed off hot tub cover to avoid possible collapse.  Snow and ice should be cleared from hot tub surrounding areas, as well.
  1. Keep head dry.
Remember mom or grandma always telling you to never go to bed with wet hair?  This rule applies for the hot tub, too!  Sitting in cold air with wet hair or head isn’t good.  Keep head dry or wear a knitted hat to keep heat from escaping your body.Winter4
  1. Store your towels and personal belongings.
Keep a storage tote close to hot tub area for belongings. Though the hot tub is great for enjoyment during the winter, it’s not so great for your towel, cell phone, and other belongings. Bonus:  Have fun!!