Maintaining a Regular Hot Tub vs. Softub

What is one reason that people do not own hot tubs?  Most will respond with the time consuming agony of maintenance and upkeep of the water and exterior of the tub.  It is true.  They find convenience of going to a hot tub at the local gym, hotel, or health center to relax, or be entertained.  Did you know that public hot tubs use a high amount of chlorine and other harsh chemicals to keep the water and tub free of germs?  People who own their own hot tub keep track of their chemical balances frequently, and ….  Let’s see what it takes to clean and maintain a proper hot tub, and compare it to a Softub.

Hot Tub Cleaning
To clean the entire hot tub, a mild non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner and nylon scrubber must be used to remove build-up.  For minor surface and small-area cleaning, baking soda and a soft rag is used.  Fresh water shine is applied to the surface of the tub for a shiny finish.  Vinyl covers are cleaned with a garden hose to loosen build-up and dirt.  A soapy solution or baking soda is used to clean the entire surface of the cover, with a soft rag or sponge.  Then, a conditioner is applied to protect the covering.

Filter Cartridges
Remove all spray cartridges, and spray with hose.  Be sure the cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and debris free.  Fresh water filter cleaner is used on the filters to keep them clean and good working order.  Filters are usually replaced every two to three years for best results.

While Not in Use, or on Vacation
pH levels must be adjusted according to hot tub owner’s manual.  Hot tub must be chlorinated to sanitize the water while tub is not in use.  Make sure the cover is locked tight to avoid entry of debris and precipitation.

Spa Water Replacement
Proper measures for emptying and refilling hot tub water are applied according to owner’s manual.  Some hot tubs recommend using a pre-filter attachment when filling the hot tub with clean water.  When filled, add chemicals accordingly.

Winter blankets are common for winterizing a hot tub.  They are installed inside the compartment door, and help add precaution against freezing to the hot tub components, and enhance energy efficiency.  Check the hot tub cover for any rips, tears, fading, or other imperfections.  Make sure the seal around the hot tub cover is tight, so heat won’t escape. Regularly brush snow and ice off cover, to avoid damage to cover or hot tub.

Softub Maintenance
Softubs are much easier to maintain.  They don’t require so much chemicals or cleaning agents for routine cleanings. For water maintenance, Softub includes a water treatment kit, so the need for all the extra chemicals isn’t necessary. They are smaller, so emptying and replacing water is simple. Once the water is replaced, the time to heat is only a matter of hours, unlike a regular hot tub. To clean the exterior and the insulated cover, all you need is a damp cloth.  The tub also needs to be checked for any imperfections, but with the five year warranty, they can be easily replaced or repaired, as needed. It takes quite a bit of upkeep to make sure the hot tub lasts for a long period of time.  Softubs do need such maintenance, but take the fraction of the time to complete.