Hydrotherapy for Relieving Fibromyalgia Pain

Are you one of the five million who suffer from fibromyalgia?  Is your current treatment working for you?  If not, and you are looking for an alternative to improve your health, you have come to the right place. Hydrotherapy is a natural remedy that uses of water in the treatment of disease. This remedy has been used for centuries, and dates back to the Greek and Roman civilization time period. There are various sources for hydrotherapy, like pools, saunas, physical therapy facilities, wellness centers, and hospitals, just to name a few. Though this remedy can be used for hot or cold water use, fibromyalgia uses the warm water approach to alleviate symptoms. Three key factors play a role in hydrotherapy. They are heat, buoyancy, and massage.  Heated water helps expand blood vessels and increase circulation throughout the body. Heat helps soothe and relax the body, as well.  The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight, allowing less pressure on aching body parts, allowing ease of movement.  The massaging feature is created by a mixture of water and air through water jets. The water jets help relax muscles, and increase the body’s endorphins, relieving pain in affected areas. Hydrotherapy has been proven to help with fibromyalgia, and was used in a study on a panel of fibromyalgia patients for three months.  These patients used hydrotherapy for 20 minutes a day for five days each week.  The results showed that these patients had a significant reduction in pain, improvement of sleep, reduction of stiffness throughout the body, and increased joint mobility.  One patient even reduced their pain medication intake by half after using hydrotherapy. The most common method is a spa or hot tub at your own home. One particular hot tub in the market is called the Softub.  Softubs are great for people with fibromyalgia because they are easy to maintain, install, and are budget friendly.  Softubs are not bulky, unlike other hot tubs.  They are so portable, you can roll them through a standard doorway without use of a moving crew. Installation takes few short minutes.  No site prep required, and there’s no need for a plumber or electrician to put the tub together. Simply find a flat spot either inside or out to place your tub. The only tool required is a screwdriver, and that’s to simply tighten the hoses to the side of the tub. After that, just fill the tub, plug into a standard outlet, and TA-DA, you have access to a hot tub. Sounds easy, right? Currently, Softub offers three different models, seven exterior colors, and three interior color options.  The small tub, or T-140 seats one to two people. The T-220 provides room for four people, and the T-300 can occupy up to six. The tubs are non-porous, which makes cleaning and maintenance simple. The foam piece can withstand any extreme weather climate, suitable for both indoors and out, on land, and even on boats.  The vinyl is made from a marine-grade product called Leathertex.  Leathertex has mildew, UV and salt spray inhibitors built-in the material, allowing the tub to last for several years without fading, cracking, or peeling.  These tubs also include LED lighting to enhance a relaxing atmosphere.