How Hydrotherapy Relieves Arthritis Pain

Did you know that over 20 million people suffer from arthritis, worldwide? If you are reading this, either you know of someone with arthritis, or you are one who suffers with this condition. While there is no known cure for the ailment, many people opt for medications and physical therapy to relieve their chronic pain.  On the other hand, some aren’t able to afford such relief, and either suffer with pain or look into natural remedies.  Hydrotherapy is a common natural remedy, and most don’t realize the benefits it provides. Hydrotherapy originated in ancient Greece and Rome in the early BC’s. This form of therapy was used to treat all medical conditions, using three natural elements, heat, water, and air. The baths or spas were built near hot springs or volcanoes. The remedy became popular in Europe around the 19th century.  Hydrotherapy is often combined with massages, herbs, and exercise to help improve circulation and relax joints affected by arthritis. Hydrotherapy can be used in various ways.  Places like pools, sports centers, gymnasiums, hospitals, physical therapy centers, and wellness centers are just a few sources that provide benefits for hydrotherapy. Warm water therapy is the most common for those looking for relief with arthritis symptoms. There are three key factors in hydrotherapy, and they are heat, buoyancy, and massage.  The heat of the water helps expand blood vessels, and increase circulation.  The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight, allowing less pressure on aching joints.  The massaging feature is created by a mixture of water and air through water jets. The water jets help relax muscles, and increase the body’s endorphins, relieving pain. For effective hydrotherapy, one should be fully immersed in water.  This is often followed by simple exercises or movements of affected areas once the body has a chance to soak.  A typical hydrotherapy session lasts about thirty minutes.  Here’s a breakdown of what happens after certain times throughout the therapy. After five minutes of soaking, people notice a drop in blood pressure and pulse rate.  They often feel relaxed at this point.  After eight minutes, circulation in hands and feet improve.  The blood vessels have expanded at this point, and warmth in hands and feet become known by now.  After twelve minutes, muscles begin to relax, and tissue becomes responsive to stretching.  This is when toxins begin to release from the body.  After fifteen minutes of hydrotherapy, the body’s minor aches and pains decrease in intensity.  The longer one is immersed, the better they feel after therapy is completed. With all the benefits of hydrotherapy for arthritis patients, therapy is most easily done at home.  At first thought, purchasing a hot tub could get pricey once you consider the cost, placement preparation, electrical installation, chemical purchases, and maintenance.  There is one style of a hot tub that is easy to install, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly, too.  We think you should look at Softub Spas to give you the best purchasing cost, operational costs, the least maintenance, the most portability and most comfort!