5 Reasons Why You Need Hydrotherapy This Winter

Now that winter is upon us, most of us would rather sit by a fireplace under a cozy blanket instead of bracing the cold outdoors.  While many households keep hot tubs outside, most of them are winterized and left alone until spring arises. Instead of ignoring that hot tub during the cold months, put it to use year-round. Here are five reasons why!

-Improves your Sleep A simple, relaxing 20-minute soak will improve your quality of sleep. Warm water relaxes your body and elevates your core temperature. When you leave the tub, your core temperature drops and sends a signal to your brain that it’s time for sleep. You will wake up the next morning feeling rested and energized.

-Enhances your health and fitness routine
Jump start your health and fitness routine with a hot tub! Warm water and massaging jets relaxes and restored tired and sore muscles. Hydrotherapy is a great remedy for those intense workouts. It also eliminates everyday aches and pains throughout the body. As sore, achy muscles relax, flexibility improves.

Group Hydro

-Encourages Detoxification When you soak in the hot tub, after a few minutes, you begin to sweat. This is a good thing for your body. When your body sweats, it’s eliminating toxins.  These toxins are flushed through skin to enhance the detoxification process. TIP: If you sweat too much, you could risk dehydrating your body. Be sure to replenish your body with plenty of water after a long soak and sweat session.

-Lowers blood pressure Within a few minutes of soaking, your blood vessels dilate. Dilated blood vessels improve circulation throughout the body.  As the vessels expand, blood pressure decreases. For those with chronic high blood pressure, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any hydrotherapy. Better to be safe than sorry!

-Kills the winter blues

Cure the cabin fever and gloomy mood with a hot tub. Warm water encourages relaxation and stress relief improves mood.  Tension in back, shoulders, neck, and other areas through the body are reduced significantly.  Moods change for the better when body and mind become relaxed and rejuvenated.

Winter Tub
With all the benefits of hydrotherapy during the long cold months, hot tub therapy can be done at home.  At first thought, purchasing a hot tub could get pricey once you consider the cost, placement prep, installation, chemical purchases, and maintenance.  There is one version of a hot tub that is portable, easy to install, fits indoors or out, is eco-friendly, and even budget friendly.  We like to call this tub the Softub. For more information, talk to a local dealer.